Jumping Saddles

Hulsebos Saddlery is proud to offer the following jumping saddles. As with our dressage saddles, all models are fully customizable.
  • Easy Jumper
  • Close Contact Jumping
  • All Purpose

Easy Jumper

This is a very comfortable Hulsebos jumping saddle! It provides a lot of support and stability for the rider. This makes the saddle especially suitable for long hacks or cross country riding. It is also a useful saddle to have during the training of a young horse. This saddle is usually sold with long billets, but short billets are also available. The saddle can be made in a deeper seat, longer leg position or flatter seat, shorter leg position.

Close Contact

This is a superior jumping saddle! This saddle can be customized to more than one horse or it can be made specifically for one horse. The choice is yours! It meets all requirements that a professional rider desires in a jumping saddle. The panel is filled with a high quality wool and can be easily adjusted as the horse changes.


All Purpose

If you are looking for a saddle that you can ride dressage, jump, and hack out for long trail rides, look no further. This general purpose saddle can be made with a flat or dep seat and/or an extra soft seat. It is also possible to order this saddle with rings for saddle bags. This saddle is known for being especially comfortable to those riders who suffer from backaches. It can also be tailored to be an endurance model.